Restoration Schedule

Phase I, 2015
Exterior Façade Repair and Restoration

Phase II, 2016-17
ADA Restrooms and New Seats

Phase III, 2017-18
Upgrade Lobby and Concession Area

Phase IV, 2018-19
New Air Flow System and Set Construction area

Phase V, 2019-20
Lighting and Sound Upgrades

Phase VI, 2021-22
Expansion-rehearsal space and new dressing rooms

Phase VII, 2022-23
Historic Preservation with rooftop domes and neon sign

Your donations help us in every phase and are tax deductible.
Make your check payable to:
Little Theatre on the Bay, (building fund)  •   P.O. Box 404   •   North Bend, OR 97459   •   541-756-4336

Jeanne Small 2

Jeanne Woods-Restoration Committee Chairperson
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Jeanne Woods is in charge of the Costume Department, as well as the Liberty Restoration Committee Chair.  As a retired teacher, she has time to donate to help restore the Liberty.  She helps focus the committee on architectural plans, grant opportunities, fund raising, and bringing people together with the necessary skills to help renovate the Liberty Theatre. Jeanne is happy with the wonderful support from our community as well as the city of North Bend for this two to

Mike Small

Mike Vaughan-Project Manager
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Mike has been a licensed Oregon contractor since the 1980's and received a Landscape Architecture degree in 1992 from the University of Oregon.  He has worked with local architectural firms Crow/Clay Architecture & Engineering, HGEArchitecture & Engineering,  and McSwIn/Woods. Mike is currently on the Coos Bay City Council and is also serving on the Steering Committee for the Egyptian Theatre Restoration as well as being the Project Manager for the Coos History

Shirley Small

Shirley Kintner-Event Coordinator
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Shirley and her husband, Dr. Jon Kintner, moved to North Bend in 1989. Looking for a family friendly activity for their young and growing family, she became active in The Little Ole Opry. The children could sit on stage while their mother performed in the summer shows. In 2006, Shirley became Director of Christmas Opry, and in 2009 started directing the summer shows. October 2014, Shirley joined the LTOB Board as the Public Relations Director.

Aymee 1

Aymee Pedder
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Aymée Pedder was too young to remember her first on-stage appearance. Like many children, her first theatrical opportunities came from church Christmas and Easter pageants. She was bit by the acting bug and in 1992 began regularlyparticipating in plays and musicals. Her first show at the Liberty was Cinderella in April of 2015 and she is looking forward to future seasons with Little Theatre on the Bay. Serving on the Board as Lobby Manager Aymée coordinates volunteers to

Jose Small

Josie Reid
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Josie Reid has been a member of Little Theatre on the Bay since 1977.   She is responsible for the Liberty Theatre Facebook page.  In the past thirty-eight years Josie has acted, directed, costumed, designed and built sets, served on the Board ofDirectors, and is knowledgeable about LTOB's history and traditions. Josie is a retired public school teacher, professional artist and soloist.  She has performed in many LTOB productions, including major rolls in Pirates of Penzance, The

Beverly Small

Beverly Rice-Community Business Representative
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As a business owner in North Bend for the last 34 years as well as a parent and grandparent, I realize the significant place that the Liberty Theatre and Little Theatre on the Bay holds in our community.   As our schools reduce the Theater Artsdepartment our community theater organizations must step in and fill the void.  LTOB is filling that void with open audition for musical productions, plays such as Charlotte’s Web and the all-inclusive summer and Christmas Opry.